RANDOM ACTS: A Cage for Voices - TX Channel 4 Monday 18th September

TX Monday 18th September, 2017 | Channel 4, 12.05am

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 16.48.08.png

We had the pleasure of working with one of the UK’s most talented artists, Tom Dale, on his film, A Cage For Voices, commissioned by Channel 4 for their Random Acts series and produced by Christmas TV & Film.

Tom has created a truly beautiful, visually arresting film, shot entirely under water, in which the depths of the ocean are probed by a voice looking to understand the significance of a series of objects that fall through the water from the surface above. Both compelling and disorientating, the water is at once a place of dreamlike, cosmic wonder and dark menace. Narrated by Anne M Wagner.